Conroy on my mind

I just logged in to Facebook and it asked, “What’s on your mind?” I started typing and this came out.

You ask what’s on my mind, Facebook? Here’s what’s on my mind. Three years ago the commercial TV networks whinged about the costs of implementing digital TV. So after a lovely meeting on the Colorado ski slopes with Seven owner Kerry Stokes, Minister Stephen Conroy gave the poor networks a cut of $250 MILLION in licence fees paid to the government, which incidentally was timed just before an election. This week Conroy made that licence fee cut permanent, a decision gratefully received by the mining magnates and media tycoons who run our networks. But this same Conroy reneged on a promise and won’t stump up a measly *$5.6 million* to fully equip non-profit community radio stations for digital radio broadcast. So come the analogue switch-off, you can switch off your local independent music and content, youth radio, Koorie radio, and radio for the vision-impaired. But what does Conroy care? He’ll still have Smooth FM, as will we all.

If you like your radio bland and dictated by idiots in suits, don’t do anything. But if you appreciate diversity and radio for people with brains, go here:

Side note: In return for the licence fee break, Conroy hasn’t
demanded that the networks actually commission any extra new local content, so enjoy those endless repeats of bad American talk shows. Luckily we have community radio to listen to instead.
Oh wait…



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